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Highschool Isolation Update by LamePie
Highschool Isolation Update
The first draft of the character "Martin"  from Highschool Isolation my first ever attempt at a 3D series. 3D model coming soon on my youtube channel.
The Safe Zone
Page 2

Angus looks at his watch and realizes the time, "shit, it's 11:00  I meant to have been back two hours ago later guys". Angus went home and one by one everyone left leaving me and Miranda to ourselves. "You can go if you want, I will be fine" I said Miranda took no notice and stayed with me it seems like she really did care. "I am not leaving you expecially after witnessing that" Miranda says as she gets up off the plastic bench "I will come back with you, I have time". I got up off my seat and a smile appeared on her face. "You really think I would be scared, have you met me" as soon as I said that I reallized, I think I scared her. "Ok, you can stay over if you want" I said, "You mean like a sleepover". she replied, I started to panic and had to answer quickly "Just a study session, you know what forget I said anything" I started to sweat and become red as I scratched my head. "Ok" she said "Ok, what" I replied "Ok, I will stay over".

We started walking back to my house, since it was winter the sky was black as charcoal and the moon was full and big. It was a peacefull night so tranquil, I started to be thankful Miranda wanted to come back with me, it was getting mysterious so quiet that you could probobly hear sounds that were miles away without issue. "Thank you for walking back with me, I could do with the company" I said as I turned towards Miranda. "Same here" she said with a smile on her face, I like it when she smiles for some reason she dosen't do it often it is a shame she has a nice smile.

We got to my front door I think it was around 11:20 I opened the door and we both walked in my brother Jarrod was playing on my Xbox he is always on it. My mom was in the kitchen drinking a cup of hot chocolate and reading the newspaper, I think the noise from the xbox irritated her. "I am home" I said, no response I never get one from my brother especially when he is playing Call of Duty. My mom however came out of the kitchen and I greated her to Miranda as she never met her before, "Is it ok, if Miranda stays over we have the same exam tomorrow and it will be good to study together" I said expecting mom to refuse but she agreed "yes you can but she sleeps in the spare room, that is my one condition" Mom said trustingly, I am starting to think she does not know me.

We both went up stairs and we walked into my room "well here it is, it is a bit small I know but hey it is big compared to Jarrods room" I said putting my backpack on my bed and turned on the TV.  She sat down on my computer chair and stared at a poster I have on the wall "I didn't know you liked anime" she said I looked up and looked at the same poster she was looking at. "Some anime, I like why do you like anime" I said trying to get my shoes off. "Not really, but I like Pokemon, I know it is childish" she said as she is spinning on my computer chair. I finally got my shoes off and turned on the television, "dam I missed the match" I said the news was on following the match so we watched the news.

"We go live to a scene of a murder, where a 45 year old woman was fount 4.00am this morning, we expect a wild animal as there are massive bite marks on the womans body". the news broadcaster said "Oh, my god what Luis Suarez has is spreading" I said jokingly I don't know why I said that but Miranda was not amused by it who can blame her it was in bad taste.
The Safe Zone Page 2
Page 2 of my zombie story sorry it took so long not much action and drama so far but it will pick up in the next page.
My first Canvas by LamePie
My first Canvas

Finished the canvas this is actually my first canvas too bad about the eye but I think this is probably one of the best drawings I have done.

Looks better when u see it in real life.

I reached 500 deviations I cannot believe how I managed to do that in little time thanks to everyone who has seen my drawings.

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