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HSI Comic 1 by LamePie
HSI Comic 1
A redo of my old High School Isolation comic series. I uploaded this on my masendanx page but I thought might as well put it on this one as well.
Chloe Grace-Moretz by LamePie
Chloe Grace-Moretz
Tried to draw Chloe but it turned out to look nothing like her but it is still a decent drawing so I uploaded it.

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There must have been something wrong with me, I mean trying to make a joke after the weird crap that has been happening lately. I just collapsed onto the bed and looked up at the ceiling. "You ok" Miranda said as she jumps onto my computer chair I was silent, all of a sudden thoughts came into my head I was afraid to open up about what has been going on because I fear her reaction. She then turned back to the television her expression changed for the worse, I think because I was silent she got worried about me to be fair I am worrying myself with all this crap.

Time passes before my brother Jarrod walked into my room "hi" he said he always had a crush on Miranda so I know he wasn't talking to me. Miranda answered back with a smile he then jumped on my bed. " watch out mate, you jump on it any harder I would be catapulted to the floor" I said he wasn't paying attention he just continued to stare at Miranda knowing him as much as I do I bet his mind was focused solely on something else.

The next day I woke up Miranda wasn't there so I went downstairs to see if she was there. All I saw was Jarrod, Miranda and Mom starting at the television. "We are live at Haverton Farm where it seems that horses have been detected in their meat products" the reporter said. I walked towards them to see what was going on and sat down at the table where they were sitting. "However the horses detected seemed to show symptoms of Cordysept a serious fungus that has spread across the nation, we advise you not to eat the meat products as it can cause serious body mutation." We were stunned so much we couldn't move an inch even our pupils were locked, fixed to the screen.

Chloe a girl from our school starts walking up to the building "where is everyone" she said rotating her head around to see if anyone is around. she does notice a figure in the distance but it was too far away. She opens the entrance to the school, it was like a ghost town, no one in sight. She walked up the staircase opposite the reception desk to get to her classroom. She notice's someone by the door not moving much maybe a faint twitch or two. "excuse me can you explain where everyone is, this is a school day isn't it" she said curiously but the guy by the door didn't respond. "Hello" she said louder walking towards him, he slowly turned his head showing her his face. His face was all deformed and his eyes seemed to look in opposite directions upward toward the ceiling.
Chloe started to walk backwards towards the stairway she just went up but the figure kept moving towards her faster and faster. She started to panic and she turned and ran but the figure got faster. I noticed her going into the school building so I followed and got to the end of the hallway. I grabbed her he covered her mouth so she couldn't make a sound then all of a sudden the guy stops. I look it directly in the eyes before it starts to walk away. "It is attracted to sound it cannot see you, just don't make a sound". I grab one of the glass bottles out of the bin next to one of the classrooms and threw it. As the bottle breaks on the laminate wooden floor it starts to move towards it. Then I creep up behind and hit it with a hammer several times before it stopped moving I then turned back to Chloe "come with me" I said, well I couldn't just leave her there.

We arrived to a classroom boarded up Miranda, David, Angus, Alison and Josh were all there "Look who I fount" I said as Chloe walks into the room scared I think she was traumatised. "she was confronting someone who was infected in the English department, luckily I was there". I said as she walked away, she just sat next to Alison as she tried to cheer her up. However Angus was less happy as he walked up to me "Why bring her here she could have been bitten for all you know" he said angrily "she wasn't"
I reached 500 deviations I cannot believe how I managed to do that in little time thanks to everyone who has seen my drawings.

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